Stuff I ❤ / 09.11.2016

It's not my list. But it's still a good list.   If you've been paying even marginal attention to what we talk about here or on tumblr, you've heard me yelling about how it's stupid that people think thongs are for women.  This preoccupation with masc drag is bumming everyone out and...

Stuff I ❤ / 29.09.2016

We'll just keep all of these #thongthursday ass pics right here, yeah?   If they're all in one post, you can just check here each week to see my same butt in different thongs. Because thongs are fuckkin cool, damnit. And I won't hear anything to the contrary. I'll pile new ones...

Stuff I ❤ / 23.09.2016

Why are guys put off by one of the BEST kinds of underwear?   If you follow me over on tumblr, you've no doubt come across one or two posts of me yelling about men who think thongs are "uncomfortable" or – weirder still – feminine. I don't totally understand the association between...

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