Playlist – Frozen Midnight, Cold, Winter, Music, Songs

Playlist – Frozen Midnight

Baby, it’s cold outside.


It’s been a strange and wasted winter. Lots of days warm enough to go out with a coat and nights to keep the window open, just a little bit. But we’ve settled into the cold times now and there’s nothing to do but stay indoors and be unnecessarily melancholy.

I don’t know what what’s still to come, but I’m sitting in the dark with just the light from my computer propped up on the windowsill. The tree outside is long dead and there’s nobody on the street.  It just looks cold out there. I’m gonna shut the window all the way and climb into bed until it’s spring. Here’s the score:


Playlist – Frozen Midnight


– t


Erased Tapes Records – Kiasmos – Looped
jlwillis – They Move On Tracks Of Never-Ending Light
Late Night Tales – Jon Hopkins – I Remember
kidwave – Aphex Twin – Avril 14th
Giorgio Iannelli – Yann Tiersen – Amélie Soundtrack (Piano Version)
Kygo – Piano Jam 3
múm – Saddle Up
Trentemøller – The Dream (Instrumental)
James Bartholomew – Mad World (Instrumental Guitar)
I Am Snow Angel – FALLING (Twin Peaks Theme)

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