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F is for…


FATHERS – The literal kind. Not the kind from the Daddy Issues tag. A lot of the art and stories that get shared here orbit around characters learning about sexuality from their fathers, in addition to learning about the sexuality of their fathers.


These creations are presented here as works of fantasy, and while they are in no way an endorsement of incest or the problematic nature of actual father/son sexual relationships, they are a way to explore the nature of desire and the universality of Penis.


Even your dad had a penis, and our culture’s fixation on the denial of our parents as sexual beings is a fertile ground for dialog about taboo and fantasy. It produces copious amounts of art and literature, and the dissection of that art is one of the tentpoles of this blog.


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F is also for


FROTTAGE – Easily the most overlooked sexual act, frottage (rhymes with fromage, not cottage) is all about intensity and chemistry. I’ve shot from this, in public, and very obviously (if anyone was watching). It involves the sustained and aroused rubbing of the genitals against another person (ideally, their against their genitals), sometimes until orgasm.


Frottage is also frequently defined as a ‘paraphilia’ in which there are repetitive sexual urges to gain gratification by rubbing against another person, often acted out in a public place. This definition is highly uncool because it is arguably in the rape family when the receiving partner doesn’t want to expect this attention.


gay frottage, gif, bulge grinding



F might also be for


FURRY – The furry fandom is a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. These characters inspire the creation of much art and illustration, much of which is intensely sexual in nature.

I am personally fascinated by the anthro subgenre of Fur culture – where characters have animal bodies and features but human genitals and human sexual interactions –  and as a result feature lots of anthro art here.


Masturbating Lions, Lionbate, Masturbate, Penising, Bate, Stroke, Furry, Illustration, Genitals, Fur, Mane, Sperm, Buddybate, Cum


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