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A is for…


ALBOLENE – the greatest penis grease that’s been invented so far. No lube you use can compare with petroleum-based makeup remover Albolene. That’s why it is the masturbator’s choice and why you’ll see it in so many masturbation focused tumblr accounts.


But you don’t have to take my word for it. Get you some.




Assturbation – Like masturbation, but with the back side, instead of the front. Assturbation isn’t for everyone, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who can get off jamming stuff (fingers, dildos, plugs) in your hole, be glad!

If you aren’t, though, this post features Bate World’s Bate Master, Bruce Grether’s advice for Assturbating with a Tight Anus.


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According to Urban Dictionary: Masturbation restricted to the ass region. Usually performed by placing dildos, buttplugs, fingers, toothbrushes, or whatever else may be handy into the anal cavity. Lube is optional but highly recommended.

This blog has a TON of super adulty stuff in it. You gotta be 18+ and into that (or at least be working on an incognito tab, bro).
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