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P is for…


PENIS – The cosmic connector of maleness; the conduit to our primal self and our place in the universe. Capital-P Penis is distinct from the anatomical term, in that it refers not just to the sex organ, but to the idea of Penis.


When one encounters bators penisbabbling about ‘dong’ and ‘penis’ (aka ‘fuckkin penis), they are not usually referring to the organ itself directly (especially since they frequently don’t have anything beyond “oh, penis,” to say about it), but to the broader idea of Penis. It is an invocation, of sorts, to primal maleness, lust, and surrender. A worship to Priapus:





PENISING – The verb’d form of the above term. Penising is a very specific kind of masturbation that can be done alone or with a buddy. It’s not as effective in a large group like the Jacks, but is still possible.  The hallmark of true Penising is an inability to think or process (not just an ignoring of) your visual appearance and really good Penising is characterized by


• Rigid erection

• Glazed eyes

• Open Mouth (often accompanied by involuntary drooling)

• Prime Bate Position (legs spread as wide open as possible, slouched in seat with hard meat in hand)

• An inability to flex, flirt, or worry about how you look (because you’re not gonna look conventionally hot)



This type of masturbation is especially important to me and it’s difficult for me to look at any of the blogs that I outline here without immediately reaching to free my penis from my underwear and start the process of getting deep into my dick.

This guy really understands how to Penis:




Practice makes perfect.


PENIS PRIDE – The state or concept of being proud of and comfortable with the size, shape, and function of one’s genitals. Not to be conflated with gay pride or male pride, or the idea of pridefulness as boastful or conceited. It has little to nothing to do with the size or ethnicity of the penis, and everything to do with the genuine, internal comfort the possessor has about his own relationship with his body.  Even the smallest dicks in the world can be imbued with Penis Pride, if they are loved by the men attached to them.


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Be proud of what you have because it is amazing and because you are lucky! Show it, share it, and learn about how your penis functions. That is how one builds up Penis Pride.



POPPERS – A chemical accessory to masturbation or sex that allows for a momentary dip into the confused mental state of real Penis. Once pure amyl nitrate, today’s poppers are much less effective and interesting (especially the ones available in the US) than they might have been in days past.


But they can still offer a pathway to Penis, and offer an approximation of the gone-ness one ought to aim for when seriously masturbating.


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