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M is for…


MANGA – Manga are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century. They have a long and complex pre-history in earlier Japanese art.


The sort that we are concerned with here are traditionally subgenres of Mangas known as Bara porn and Yaoi.


Caveman Guu, Jiraiya, Anne Ishii, Massive, Massive Goods, Bara, Manga, Comic, Art, Illustration, Naked, Fucking, Raw, Caveman, Art, Graphic Novel

See Also: Jiraiya’s “Caveman Guu”“Shibata-san and the Tanuki”



MASTURBATORS – Men who openly and proudly declare that they came to fukkin penis. Masturbators are the heroes of this blog, and guys like Proud Bator and Blackey Madison deserve your attention, praise, and money. These are guys who can laugh and smile, and aren’t afraid to show you what it looks like when they are aroused, when they stroke, or when they bust.


This word is never to be used in any derogatory fashion. Rather it describes a particular sort of man who is unashamed of his penis, his sexuality, and with his lifelong fascination with jackin it.  Mondays are dedicated to featuring an awesome masturbator that is worthy of your momentary focus.

I would definitely consider myself a masturbator.


Proudbator, Masturbator, GIF, Penis, Cock, Tumblr, Stroke, Cum, Balls, Cam Show


Masturbators can also be non-brand-name devices used for jacking purposes. I’ve reviewed a few here. 




M is also for


MASC – Sorry.  I don’t know what it means either.


Penises, GIF, Katy Perry, Penis

This blog has a TON of super adulty stuff in it. You gotta be 18+ and into that (or at least be working on an incognito tab, bro).
Yeah, I'm 18
No, I'm under 18