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E is for…


EDGING – Masturbating for extended periods of time with the intention of refraining from orgasm and ejaculation. Edging is a practice of many bators, and can take great skill to maintain a level of arousal for multiple hours that does not crest over into cumming. Hard to do, especially for boys like me.


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E is also for


EXHIBITIONISM – The practice of showing yourself naked and/or engaging in sexual behaviors in public or open spaces where you might be discovered.


The threat of getting ‘caught’ has never done anything special for me, and my appreciation for guys who live so boldly is more about their comfort with their bodies and their entitlement to their sexuality. Distinct from a more threatening type of exhibitionism (where one is behaving in a way they know will be shocking or offensive to someone else – where that threat to others is the point), general public nudity or public masturbation, when performed for the enjoyment of the naked masturbator (instead of performed to impose on others) is awesome. It takes balls to gain that sort of comfort with yourself and should be applauded.


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