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B is for…


BALLS – I can’t explain how into a nice, full set of balls I am. If you can fill out a pouch in that jock with a big pair of nuts, we’re gonna be good friends, you and I. There’s just something so close and intimate about being allowed to grab a guy’s sack – so vulnerable and tender.


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B can be for


BALLBACK – the few square inches of magic situated immediately behind the testicles. Some guys have more than others, but everybody with balls knows this to be a luxurious and highly sensitive region. It is distinct from the full perineum and a little more elegant than the ‘taint.’

One of the most vulnerable places on a man’s body, the ballback can usually only be accessed with active consent.


Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Balls

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B is definitely for


BATE – slang for ‘masturbate.’  Bate is a term you should get very familiar with. Made popular by sites like BateWorld, and superstar masturbators like Proudbator, bate is a colloquial or common-use term found in great quantity on social sites like Tumblr.

Men who engage in bate are bators (or – incorrectly – baters, baiters). The individuated practice of solo masturbation is considered one’s bate (possessive: my bate, his bate, etc).


Proudbator, Masturbator, GIF, Penis, Cock, Tumblr, Stroke, Cum, Balls, Cam Show

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B is also for


BROSPEAK – What I do – virtually all of it – comes just from a place of love. Sex can be a deep and emotional connection that two people share exclusively with each other. That’s incredible.





But it can also be just a physical way of showing a bro that you like him. It doesn’t have to be an entry point to or a punctuator of a love affair. It can live in its own world of “hey dude, I think you’re cool! It feels good to get your dick sucked, doesn’t it? Allow me”  without needing to be more than that. You can love your brother without needing to be IN LOVE with him.


B is most importantly for


BUDDYBATE – the shared, and connected masturbation of two men who both love their penises and want to share that love with others. Buddybate takes a lot of forms, but the best you’ll encounter is the hyper-connected and pleasure-focused type we talk about here.  It’s a boon to any friendship to be able to masturbate together, but a sign of something very significant if you can achieve this type of bonding.



buddybate, male masturbation, Penis, Erection, Young, Shared, Guys, Sexy, Bate, Love, Connection,

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