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Dressed for Church

There’s almost nothing that compares to a big, proud, suit bulge.


I don’t make enough time to people watch at home. Is what I decided today over coffee and some kind of steak and egg breakfast wrap. My (otherwise charming and beautiful) DC hotel refused to put a coffee machine in my room, so I had a very difficult time making it downstairs this morning. But once I did, I was greeted with a beautiful sight: fine ass grownup men leaving church and heading back out into the world.

They were everywhere. I don’t know if I’m staying in the church district, or if just nobody goes to church in New York, but I timed my sidewalk cafe breakfast and coffee perfectly this morning, and so got to see some jaw-dropping bulges on some real nice lookin dudes. Since you weren’t there with me to soak that in and attempt to remain cool (which I did not totally do), I pulled together a little gallery of some of my favorite suit bulges from some of my favorite suit bulge tumblrs (there’s a shocking amount of those, btw. In case you were unaware. I follow most of them).

Please to enjoy, Mens Dressed For Church:




And if you’re still hungry for more suitbros, I highly recommend and endorse these options:



Happy Sunday.



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