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Clickbate: 5 For The Weekend

Justin Theroux feels embarrassed by his bulge, Google thinks your kids should learn about penises, a short story about being in love with a penis told through GIFs, and more.


We made it a whole week without any major upsets or problems! And with my only having to pay extra money to my web host once! Which was because of getting a lot of traffic! So that’s a good thing!

This week’s link roundup includes a kid who might have turned 18 just hours before this was filmed (but I can’t stop watching it so what can you do?), a google algorithm that might be surfacing Dian Hanson’s Little Book of Big Penis as a children’s book (which I, frankly have no problem with. Learning about bodies early saves a LOT of BS later in life), and Justin Theroux’s embarrassment over the fact that he has genitals and now people know that. We’re a fucked up lot as a society for encouraging him to feel this way. You need to get proud of your dick and balls, Justin. I’m proud for you, buddy.

There’s also the underrated luxury of an early morning cigarette and outdoor jack off, alone, in the quiet (it’s a pretty special thing if you’ve never been there), and a magical story told in 5 gifs about the feeling that comes with watching someone ejaculate.

If any of that does anything for you, let’s dive in:


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Like I said last week, if there’s nothing in here that makes your penis twitchy, there’s always past editions where you might find something that flips your switch.

And I’m always on the hunt for new and weird stuff, so you can send me links via the About page, or in the comments. I can’t promise to use them, but I promise I’ll look!

I hope you’re ready for a great weekend!





Other good stuff from this week:

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