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Voicemail By Penis / For Penis

Or: the peculiar phenomenon of solo phonebone recordings.


Good monday, masturbators! And also to you, fans of masturbators and general penis enthusiasts.

Aiming for getting back on schedule (yet again!) this week, and I want to talk today about the ostensibly strange concept of audio recordings of dudes going to town on their dongs. Here in 2017, we’re certainly accustomed (obsessed?) with being able to see it all. This blog is even a great example of the visual materials we insist on connecting with our penising. We get on cam for one another on Bateworld, watch endless video recordings of dudes making themselves cum over and over, and share gifs and clips on tumblr to fuel the bate of our brothers and to share this special thing that we’re all doing.

But, there is also a wealth of audio recordings of guys just sharing what it sounds like when they’re stroking dong. I first encountered this on a blog about Solosexuality a few years back, where the author had made and posted some recordings of his chatter and the slurpy/sluppy sounds of his greasy penis getting a workout. It was a strange experience for me (as someone who avoids phone contact at any and all costs) to listen in on this performance, and something about it struck me as almost more voyeuristic somehow than just watching this guy jack off.

The notion of the “phonebone” (masturbating while talking on the phone – with someone who is masturbating – almost always about masturbating) is distinct from the more general “phone sex” in that the latter is usually a substitute for penetrative/partnered sex, where the operators will get into graphic detail about intercourse and fucking and how hot it all is. Sometimes while stimulating themselves, but sometimes just for the enjoyment of their partner. They create a fantasy scene for one another to envision what it would be like if they were able to share a true physical connection.

Phonebone (sometimes “phone bone”) is more about sharing the experience of penising with someone who is also penising. It can but doesn’t usually delve into penetrative sex or even talk about the stimulation of the other person at all. It’s a narcissistic exercise wherein one is describing their personal penis activity, how good it feels, and then cheering on the return of those descriptions from the guy on the other end.

The idea of phonebone voicemails takes that one step further, and removes the partner entirely. This allows almost anyone to substitute themselves in that role and revel in the penising of the man who left the message. I find these intensely stimulating and really enjoy dipping into some deep goony monkeybate stuff when I listen to them. I love when they’re 15 or 20 minutes long and don’t sound anything like scripted performance.

In a 20 minute message, there are often lulls when the chatter runs out, and all you’re left with is breathing, groaning, and greasy penis sounds. That’s the sweet spot for me; when that dude has dipped into that place where he’s overwhelmed by penis and can’t talk about it anymore.

If you’ve never listened to a phonebone voicemail, I’m thrilled to share these two ultra short favorites from The Gooner Report, because I fucking love PenisBoy’s enthusiasm and genuine tone talking about how awesome penising is and crafting new jargon for his spermy conclusion (welcome to the lexicon, Semening).

Hit play on this bad boy right here:



And then listen to how fucking thrilled this dude is to have a penis.

Had enough? I didn’t think so. Here’s his second message left for The Gooner Report:




That’s awesome. This guy is cool and endearing as hell. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even record and submit your own message to TGR and they might feature it on their excellent tumblr.


But be sure to let me know if you do, so’s I can whack it along with your voicemail.



  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 13:54h, 20 November

    I have been hardcore slacking on posts, for lots of reasons. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go listen to some…

  • James
    Posted at 03:17h, 21 November

    As always Tyler, you hit the head on the sweet spot. For serious bators, I think that a variety of stimuli are always stacked in the bate toolbox, and for me sometimes, the voice only is a serious turn on. To hear a bators voice, his words, his sounds as he cycles through the levels of bate pleasure is not only (as you say) voyeuristic but also very stimulating.
    Thanks for another arousing blog.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 12:27h, 21 November

      Haha. Thanks for reading James! Always glad you’re here!


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  • Rich
    Posted at 23:32h, 16 April

    I actually don’t think this is weird at all. I have a collection of recordings of guys going to town wanking their cocks on SoundCloud. I stumbled on this incredibly fun aspect of wanking the same way you did, on a solosexual website. I actually left a message on one of the sites, although I haven’t been back to listen to in a while so I can’t be sure it’s still there. I had been edging for an hour or two and decided to record the final epic blast. It was an awesome experience that I should do more often.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 13:22h, 20 April

      Now that I’m familiar with it, I think it’s cool, too. But objectively it’s strange as a practice, I think. If you were viewing it from the outside.

      I’d be way to nervous to ever leave a message though.


  • @PenisBoy00
    Posted at 17:13h, 11 January


    At least I think that’s you.

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