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Monday Masturbators: Public Fun Grab Bag

Do it where you gotta do it, man.


This might be one of our last posts focused on amateur made tumblr content. As has been reported by several outlets the last few weeks, they’ve begun to purge “adult” content in earnest now, due to allegations of the great, haunting specter of “child pornography.” Allegedly, that is why the tumblr app has been removed from the App Store, and what has prompted the culling of whatever tumblr/Yahoo deems “sensitive content” on any given day. Whole accounts with massive followings and years-long archives of posts are vanishing into The Nothing with little or no explanation or recourse provided to the curators and content makers. Scary times.

And a sad loss for the guys that it has been so fun to talk about here. Prideful/joyful masturbation and sexuality aren’t improved by deplatforming of this nature. They are hindered. A handful of the videos I put up about kids jacking on cam last week are already gone; their host tumblr accounts permanently deleted without explanation.


But we shall see what happens. In the meantime, here’s three videos of guys getting their boners out in random public places!


Overstall Balls


I’ve never really understood the fascination of public understall action, but dudes like what they like. This video features the exact inverse of that premise and it’s actually pretty great. Ordinarily, I would refrain from featuring something like this, because I think spy videos and hidden cam stuff is malicious at its core, and designed to remove any potential anyone has for consent. That sucks.

But this guy! This guy is making direct, sustained eye contact with the cameraman, and you can see he even has his own phone’s camera open to film his exploits. I’d love to stand in that stall and watch this dude work.

I wish to hell there was a longer version of this, because I’d love to watch this dad get his nut with the overstall dude watching. I bet he wouldn’t break eye contact for a second.


Stick Shifting


I don’t know if this counts as public, but I’m in love with this dude’s vocalizing. If you’re somewhere you can play audio, I highly recommend it. It’s unrehearsed, unforced, and there’s something about his whole demeanor that makes this seem like the first time he’s ever done any of this before.


I can’t imagine a world where that’s possible. But this dude deserves your attention just for his awesome nutt noises. Bravo, bro.



Out Standing In His Field


This guy just keeps right on jacking before/during/after a train rolls by his right shoulder, and then just cums like it’s just what his Tuesday Afternoons are all about. I’m amazed.

Life goals: Reach this degree of unbotheredness about any actual thing.


I always respect and admire Penis Wizard Bruce Grether’s advice, and his read last week on Public Masturbation was no exception. Check out what he suggests to a young Bateworld member.

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