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“How to Put on a Cockring” | via Gear Essentials


If you’re not a regular wearer, it can be tricky to do at first!


I was amazed at the response to this post about my personal cockring collection, and surprised at how many people responded that they liked the idea but had never tried one. If you follow me on tumblr, you’ll be very familiar with my “cockrings every day!” mantra. And I’m a big believer in that. It’s not about maintaining a day-long, permanent boner, but there’s something to accessorizing one your best parts, even if it’s just for you.

When you’ve got a ring on your Penis, it really keeps your attention down there throughout the day. Also, while not keeping you fully erect, it does maintain a little fluffiness (as my friend Brad likes to call it) throughout the day. And that’s a nice surprise when you’re flopping your dick out at a urinal or reaching down to unstick some summer batwing (I hate that term. I don’t know why I said that).

So, in service of furthering my everybody should have at least one cockring, I wanna share this great (and very nicely illustrated) guide from legendary ring producers, Gear Essentials:



How to Put on a Cockring

Written by Jay — August 07, 2015
Photos by David Lee

I love my cock and glans rings. I wear them in the pool, to the gym, out for the evening; basically all of my waking hours. Pictured below is a buddy putting on his Titan cock rings and glans rings. Looks like he will be stacking them on that massive uncut dick.

How to Put On a Cock Ring

How to put on a cockring, Metal, Gear Essentials, Guide, Penis, C Ring, Gay, Hard, ErectionThe most basic method is to take your lowest hanging ball and slip it through the cock ring first. Once it is through, pull as much of your ball sac through the ring as possible. Then push the second ball through from behind. It should pop right on through.

During cold weather this is a bit tougher. Those suckers suck up into your gut because they don’t want to get cold! I prefer to put my cockrings on during my morning shower. I get nice and warm and my scrotum drops making it easier to manipulate those nuts!

How to put on a cockring, Metal, Gear Essentials, Guide, Penis, C Ring, Gay, Hard, Erection

Put Your Lowest Ball in First, followed by the Second Ball.

Next, push/pull the head of your dick through the ring. Just bend it and point it through the ring. Don’t worry, if you’re flaccid you will be just fine. Unless you’ve already gotten chubbed (think UN-sexy thoughts to keep that from happening!) it should slide right through. This is another reason why I like doing this in the shower. Your dick will be slick from the water and soap making it easy to slide on through.

A customer recently told me he uses lube to get his rings on. Not a great idea. As the day progresses and things get hotter and hotter down there, that lube (which seems to resist all attempts at scrubbing it off) will get slick and cock rings have been known to slide off. And it’s NEVER at a good time!

Pull your cock ring(s) nice and snug against your pubes. It feels so great!

How to put on a cockring, Metal, Gear Essentials, Guide, Penis, C Ring, Gay, Hard, Erection

Now Slip the Head of Your Dick through the Cockring

A cock ring will help you achieve better sex and increased sensitivity as you move throughout your day. A cock ring keeps your dick thicker, harder and longer–even when it is NOT the center of attention (although you will be the center of attention pretty quickly when you are wearing your penis ring).

The Titan series comes in two finishes (brushed or mirrored) as well as three bandwidths (.2 inches, .4 inches & .6 inches). The Titan also comes in four bandwidths of glans rings—the .2, .4, .6 and .9. This adds to the party in your pants!

One of the reasons we love the Titan Series is that these rings are awesome for stacking. Classic slim design with gently curved edges mean they work together (like above) or combined with other rings. One of my favorite looks is a Titan .2 on either side of the Torque or Strut. It’s a wide, dominant and unique look that feels great and looks stupendous!

And you can stack your glans rings too! (Keep watching for more pics of this stud with head rings stacked on his uncut tool.)

gear essentials…Sex is Better here! ENJOY!





This is really the sort of thing where practice makes perfect, too. So, while someone can explain it and that dude putting them on up there is pretty hot, doing it on yourself is how you’ll learn. And like most things involving your Penis, there’s really no wrong way to do it. Just be sure about sizing, and don’t wear metal rings you may not be able to get back off. That’s an ER trip that more than one dude has had to make, and it’s just not worth it.  Gear Essentials even has a sizing guide here, for you to get your perfect fit.


Now go! Ring up, brothers! It’s worth it.





Edited to add: I’m a proponent of “cockring” being one word, but you’ll find it written lots of different ways throughout the internet (including in this article). My least favorite version is the shortened ‘C-Ring,’ so named because straight guys are taught to be embarrassed about fun penis toys and can’t bring themselves to buy or wear things with the word ‘cock’ in them. Is my theory.

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