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We Did It, Everybody!

After more than a week, my stupid blog is back!


Oh, it’s so nice to be back in here! I was so worried it would all be gone forever!

The short version goes like this: I had a terrible hosting company for a long time, I had planned to migrate to a better company, and during that migration period, the terrible company decided to just close out my account early, taking all my files and WordPress database(s) with them. I then had to spend a week or more emailing and calling their customer support people to try and acquire a backup from their server backup systems. They eventually provided that (for an additional $25 bucks in ransom) and I moved everything to a real hosting company.

I don’t like complainnig about brands or products on any of my sites or social profiles, but in an effort to maybe save somebody some time and work and energy, stay very far away from Arvixe. Even a quick google will provide tons and tons of others feeling similarly, but if there’s one dude who’s trying to save some bucks and thinking about signing up with them who reads this and changes his mind, then my complaining will be worth it. It’s a garbage company with minimal access to terrible support, and there seems to be zero protocol for how they handle closing accounts or transferring domains away.

Just don’t do it. Don’t experiment. Don’t “try it out.” Just pay more money for a real thing. I promise you it’s worth it.



Now. On to better things. I’ve been saving up some stuff while I was away, so I’ve got an interview with an XTube star coming up soon, a brand new end of summer playlist that I just posted last night, and a new (and retitled) 5 For the Weekend that will go up in a few hours.

If you missed me (even a little bit), feel free to drop me a line on the about page, or just leave a comment any ol’ where. 😀


Glad to be back!



  • G
    Posted at 14:13h, 24 September

    Glad to see you could get things running again. Well done.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 11:49h, 26 September

      Thanks! Here’s hoping it stays this way!

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    Posted at 13:18h, 30 September

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