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The Art of the Tease: Diego Barros

When “soltar a franga” becomes an elaborate marketing strategy.


Hey look! We’re back! Bit of an extended break there while I traveled the Americas and moved to Toronto. But I’m glad to be back in front of this screen and I’ve got a folder chock full of wangs and cum and balls and love to share with you guys. I hope you’re ready!

Today I want to talk about Diego Barros and his unimaginably masterful ability to blend adult entertainment, social media, and penis pride into an engaging, positive, and enjoyable brand. From the outside, it all appears to be single-handed (I’m certain there is wordplay to be had there about how one of his hands always seems to be on his massive Brazilian dong, but I want to get this posted today, so I’ll have to skip it for now).

Diego Barros, Brazilian, Penis, Gay, Underwear, Video, Tease, Coconut Supply, InstagramI actually know precious little about Diego, and came across him only at the suggestion of Instagram sometime last year. He has a great IG, and a great ability to take and share photos that are erotic and exciting, while seeming natural and unstaged. He’s was pushing an OnlyFans account for a while, but the link for that gives up a 404 now, so he may be on to other things.

Diego’s main focus for the moment is Coconut Supply Company, for which he is the primary model and the energy that drives it, according to the site’s about page: “Following many discussions about underwear with menswear designer and good friend Henry Williams, they both decided that working together would be an exciting opportunity to create a range of mens underwear and lifestyle clothing inspired by Diego’s lifestyle.” 

One assumes that Diego’s ‘lifestyle’ must rotate heavily around his endlessly tumescent cock, which I am 100% on board with and can certainly relate to. The underwear listed for preorder now seems to feature a respectably sized front pouch, so boys with more to share can get cozy without needing to smash everything flat day after day.


But enough of my unsolicited product pushes for underwear I haven’t even tried yet. What I really want to discuss is Diego’s ability to tease. That’s really what 99% of his content is built around, even when you actually see his naked, erect penis. I’ve never been able to find a video or photo of him really masturbating or cumming. Rather, in public sharing platforms like twitter and tumblr, he seems to live in a state of ceaseless, frustrating arousal; preserving the intimacy of his climax for paying customers (loud music warning, but play it loud anyway. It’s REALLY hot):



What can I tell you about that that you couldn’t pick up all on your own? It’s basically the male equivalent of an elaborate fan dance, but with the flag of Brazil (marginally) obscuring this dude’s gorgeous penis.

The biggest hurdle to successful content marketing for solo performance like this isn’t ever how hot somebody is, or what sort of whacky shit they’re doing behind the paywall. It’s the tease. If all one does is yell at strangers to sign up for their OnlyFans account because “look how hot I am in these pics!” or “hey remember when I was in porns?!” the interest required to lure a viewer’s credit card out of their pocket never has the chance to really build.

Diego knows how to maintain a level of mouth-agape fascination in 3-10 second looped clips of him covering and uncovering his thick, glistening jeba. That is a skill that often can’t truly be taught. When you layer on that this guy is wicked into his dong (as he has every gd right to be), and he knows that you are too, that’s a powerful place to be, and I’m ready to buy anything this dude wants to sell me.


Diego Barros, Brazilian, Penis, Gay, Underwear, Video, Tease, Coconut Supply, Instagram, GIF




Find More Deigo Barros:

IG: @diego_rodrigob

Twitter: @Diegor_Barros

Tumblr: diegorbarros

Site: coconutsupply.co/



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