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Fifty Seven

I feel like I’m constantly talking about group sex stuff on here to the point that you guys surely must be bored of it by now.  But I don’t care, because I’ve found a new hobby and it’s awesome and I wanna tell you about it.

So, group masturbation is awesome.  It just is.  I’ve liked a good group jerk since high school and it’s rare that you find dudes who want to do just that.  That always seems like the foreplay that leads into something way more serious, and honestly? I’m totally fine with living in the foreplay.  I don’t even need it to get more serious.

So I was excited and surprised to find the New York Jacks group online some months ago and spent some time really overthinking what one of their experiences would be like.  If you don’t know about the Jacks, they’re a masturbation-only party that grew out of the HIV/AIDS panic of the late 80s and has contineued to this day with a solid group of core members and a constantly rotating cast of ‘also starring.’  I went through a whole retinue of ‘what if nobody likes me?‘ and ‘what if everybody’s 100?‘ along with ‘what if everybody is white?‘  and so on and so on and so on.

Eventually I got an email about their 34th anniversary and a rare Saturday night meetup.  I showed up about 20-30 minutes after the proposed start time, assuming I’d be fashionably late, only to walk in on guys already packing up to go home! I was a little concerned as I watched guys dress and pull themselves together in the foyer of the play space while I did the reverse operation.  I stupidly wore my big 20 eyelet boots, not thinking that I’d need to keep my shoes on during the party, so once I was naked, I had no choice but to lace those babies back up and pretend like it was an ‘on purpose’ choice.

As I entered the main room of the party, I was instantly shocked at how nice everyone was.  It was probably the most welcoming group of dudes I’ve ever been naked with, and the safety of the party environment meant that there was no shame or hiding or BS cruising stuff going on.  Men were just openly standing in the center of the room and masturbating themselves and other guys and just SMILING about it!  Some guys were making out and holding each other, but mostly it was free floating dudes talking and stroking and it just seemed like the the most natural thing in the world for everyone to be doing.  I found a seat on one of the couches to watch for a bit and made some friends who would sit next to me and stroke with me while talking about the party or their first time here.  I even saw one of the guys from my NYE group party (Which was exciting because he sucked a dick like nobody I’ve ever known before and even though that wasn’t allowed at the Jacks parties, I was glad to connect with him again.)

It was basically a magical couple of hours of masculine stroking and connceting and bonding and jizzing.  All of my worrries about no one liking me or everyone being old and white were all totally unfounded.  It was an incredible cross-section of New York City.  Guys as young as 18 came to bate.  So did wicked old guys you’d NEVER suspect wanted to beat it.  Black, white, hispanic, asian. Big dicks, little dicks, huge balls, one ball. Super fit guys with better asses than me (somehow) and thicker, hairy guys were shoulder to shoulder tryin to work out that first easy load of the night.  It was awesome.  And everyone seemed just to welcome everyone else with friendly smiles and an open palm.

I will likely be a lifetime member of the NYJacks and I encourage you, if you live in the metro area, to check out one of their parties (there’s two a week – you have no excuse).  Even if you don’t think it’s gonna be your thing, it’s a painless experience that – at minimum – leads to some great bar stories.  Well, gay bar stories.  And if you’re hesitant, drop me a line.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions!

All tolled, I came four times that night, and got five guys to shoot on me when they were ready to bust.  There wasn’t a moment I felt unsafe or unwanted and I hope that the dudes I interacted with felt the same.  I can’t go every week, but if you show up, it is likely you will see me there 😉

Bate strong dudes.


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    Posted at 02:08h, 15 April

    have you been to regular meetings? are they similar? I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now but haven’t mustered up the courage

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