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Story Time: “Strength Coach” by Rio Mack

Muscles and testosterone and pleasure and muscles.


We haven’t done a good story time post in a long while on here! And we haven’t featured a Nifty story in a really long while! I came across Rio Mack‘s Strength Coach pretty much by accident (while I was jacking according to my new ‘silent as possible’ porn strategy this Saturday), in one of my favorite categories on Nifty: Athletics. I like this arena for sex stories, not because I’m fixated on jocks or on reenacting high school emotional traumas, but because so many of the tales here feature the kind of sex connection that feeds my lust the most: fraternal, peer-based, admiring, excited, and pleasure-based adventure.

Rio Mack’s story is technically between a coach and his student, but that role isn’t emphasized in the way it might be in other stories. The younger muscle boy learns from and yearns for the attention of his even musclier coach, but the notions of dominance or manipulation or coercion aren’t one-sided; they both want it real bad. These two men meet on a sort of even plane and build their attraction (mutually) through touch, encouragement, and musclepenis fixation. It’s really great, so I won’t spoil too much of it by dissecting it.

Billy, Billy By Matt, Matt, Kerb, Gay, Muscle, Juicer, Steroid, Morph, Illustration, Cartoon, Art, Sean, Tim, Huge, Penis, Cock, Cum, Fucking, TeenBut I do want to talk a little bit about Billy by MATT. I haven’t found an excuse to talk about this illustrator or his unbelievably erotic work here yet, and thought this might be a great opportunity for it. If you’re unfamliar, Billy and his friends are the creation of artist Matt (sometimes HSMuscleboy, and occasionally confused with Richard Kerbs who also went by the moniker “Matt” and did illustrations of gay muscle dudes) and while there are some comics with loose narratives about a new guy in school, or a bodybuilding contest, there’s a lot of one-shots featuring unbelievably muscled teens with endlessly dripping/cumming monster dicks.

I can’t find a ton of legitimate information about Matt online, and most of the content that is available about him comes via message boards on muscle worship sites. If you know some facts or know where to find them, I’d love to hear from you.

What we do know is that the art Matt created, while not necessarily representative of actual human form (not just the obscene muscle size or the 2 foot long genitals – even the shape and structure of individual muscles is imagined and exaggerated), do manage to capture an emotional quality associated with weightlifting and gym culture. Which is likely why they resonate so strongly with muscle worship and ‘get big’ communities. The feelings expressed in nearly every drawing (and drawing is a great word for these. Sometimes they even occur just on college-ruled, lined paper) closely trace the experience immediately after you drop a huge weight after your set or catch a new bulge or angle in the mirror. The endorphin and testosterone-backed emotional state after a rough workout is painted into every one of these characters, and their muscular, engorged bodies and genitals.

The masculinity is im- as well as explicit and Matt is thoughtful to include guys who aren’t just white/blonde in his stable of boys (though the main characters, Billy and his brother Sean, are just that). These boys fuck women (who generally don’t have heads or faces, since they’re very deliberately not relevant to these stories) just as simply as each other, and their passion and joy comes from the penis-hardening narcissism of worship both of their own bodies and those of their peers. They get boned over just the smell of their own sperm and masturbate and suck their own enormous penises with huge smiles on their faces, all while enquiring as to whether we “like that, bro?


Please enjoy an except from Rio’s kick-ass story, and then a gallery of MATT finds that I’ve busted over endlessly through the years.




Strength Coach

by Rio Mack  |  [ ]  | Tue, 9 Jan 2018


In the weight room on Friday of that first week, during the second
of the football team’s two-a-day lifting sessions, Rush Turner notices Cody hovering
around him with a jittery indecisiveness he’s trying hard not to show.
Maybe shy about asking me a question, Rush thinks. The excited emotions
playing over Cody’s flushed, animated face make the gorgeous young jock
even hotter, putting a radiant blush on his classic good looks. Rush
figures he should help this hot boy out.

“Cody, my man. How ya doin’?”

“Uh, cool, Coach. Great! Really good! Hey, Coach. Um, can I
ask? You got a minute?”

“Sure, dude. What’s up?”

Cody’s nervousness is charming. His eyes bounce from Rush’s
beautifully cut chest, to his sensuously rugged, blonde-scruffed face, to
the huge bulge outlined under his tight, brief gym shorts, and away to the
floor. Rush was glad he’d worn a jock today as he was starting to feel an
electric surge in his groin from being close to this gorgeous young jock
stud, all pumped and sweaty. He wondered if Cody could sense how much Rush
wanted to fuck him right now.

“Well, so, I see you in the showers, right? And it’s like — damn,
dude! Your body is FUCKING JACKED! Like, TOTALLY! I mean, dude, you’ve
got, like, the hottest body I’ve ever seen. Plus, I gotta say, it’s
AWESOME how you shower with us dudes — first time ever I’ve had a gym
teacher or coach do that! And why the fuck not, right? I mean, we’re all
dudes, and what a great fucking role model a seriously cut stud like you
makes for a dude like me trying to get jacked. Seeing you naked really
lets me see all that amazing muscle you’re packing. You know, like study
it. And I mean, like, well okay, thing is — Dude! I SERIOUSLY want abs
like yours! I mean, I know what you’ve been teaching US to do this week in
terms of abs, but, like, what’s YOUR routine to get such a freaky-hot
washboard? SO fucking hot, dude!”

Rush’s already strong lust for the boy suddenly surges stronger at
hearing the boy’s excited blather over cut male muscle. Rush could only
take it as a shy, jittery attempt at flirting with his teacher. In hopes
it would go where, though? What are the limits to Cody’s muscle-passion?
Rush fought to keep his lust under control.

“Thanks, for the compliment, Cody. I’m proud as hell of this

No limits, is the sense Rush gets — the rest of the team has hit
the lockers. He’s convinced: this is the boy’s clumsy, but very sexy, and
no doubt first time, attempt at cruising another hot dude for sex. All hot
boys go through this awkward rite of passion, sometimes with each other,
but mostly with hot older dudes whose looks and bodies mesmerize them. Not
just dudes with the kind of body they want, but dudes who seem so sure of
themselves, so comfortable with their bodies, with their sexuality, with
their nudity, with their intimacy with other males — all of which these
boys found incredibly heady and exciting, even if they didn’t know why.
Rush knows his part in this always-exciting ritual and will not disappoint.

He quickly, matter-of-factly, pulls his shirt off and throws it
aside, flaunting his prized 8-pack, running his hands slowly, invitingly,
teasingly, over each deeply chiseled muscle.

“Hell yes, I can make those abs of yours pop out like mine easy,
dude. But first, bro, let me say: I see YOU in the shower, too, and you
already got a hella fine body. Seriously cut. Way sexy, dude!”

“Dude.” “Bro.” Rush purposefully uses the vocatives of male
intimacy with the young jock god.

“Damn! Thanks, man! Means an awful lot coming from a stud like
you! And right — I been working out since I was like 12 or something.
And, like, definitely, I got the 6-pack.”

Cody proudly lifts up his own tight compression T to show a
gorgeous set of teen-jock abs. Then he modestly pulls it back down.

“But how the fuck do I get that 8-pack you got? That’s the goal,
right? For a smoking hot body? The hottest dudes I see online and in the
fitness mags all have that, but it’s like I’m fucking stalled on my abs
workout. I seriously want those super-defined abs and those deep fucking
cuts like you got! Fuck, man, it’s like a plate of ravioli! So damn hot,

He boldly reaches a confident hand out to trace his coach’s sexy
V-cuts, sending a pleasure-jolt through Rush’s groin, right through his
thickening cock. There was no question the boy was intensely gay curious.

Rush ruffles his hair, loving where he knows this is going.

Billy, Billy By Matt, Matt, Kerb, Gay, Muscle, Juicer, Steroid, Morph, Illustration, Cartoon, Art, Sean, Tim, Huge, Penis, Cock, Cum, Fucking, Teen“Thanks, dude. Sure, I’ll show you my routine. Right now, if you
want. But you got the time? Cause it takes about 30 minutes or so. More,
I guess, if I’m going to be stopping to show you. So, we might be here an
hour or so, if you add in stretching and a shower afterward.”

Rush is scripting it so their muscle-flaunting foreplay in the gym
will be as long and maddeningly pleasurable as possible, then the wet,
naked shower-sex later. It will be delicious. This is exactly the kind of
fuck-buddy intimacy he’s wanted to get started with the cream of his
muscle-jocks. Hell yes, he smiles to himself, it’s starting!

Cody’s eagerness is only too apparent: deliriously relieved to have
gotten out his shy request, he’s become immediately flushed with an
intensity that’s sensual in its excitement. His body seems to radiate
lust. He fist-pumps a couple times, and when he does his hips seem to jut
out in confidence. Rush can trace the boy’s deliciously big bulge.

Rush’s cock is surging steadily now at the thought of their shower
afterward. Everyone else will be long gone from the gym after the forty or
so minutes of heavy muscle cruising into which Rush will transform their
one-on-one training session. Then some stretching – in jocks, of course,
taking it to the next steamy level; then stripping off their jocks to
reveal hard or half-hard cocks, which will no doubt be fully hard after a
minute or so in the shower.

Amped, Cody sort of bobs and weaves over to him, ready to get
seriously physical, one-on-one, with his coach.

“Hell yes, Coach! I got tons of time! Fuck, I got all night!
Nothing going on later! So yeah! Definitely! Awesome!!”

Rush flexes his upper body shamelessly, noticing an immediate
glazing over of the boy’s riveted gaze.

“Concentrate on my muscles when I show you the routine, so you can
see the actual pump you want. That’s going to help you mentally visualize
it when you do it. You’ve got to see exactly how the muscles work, how
they’re supposed to contract, to understand the pump you’re after. The
most efficient, most effective pump.”


The boy’s eyes never leave Rush’s beautifully sculpted, rippling

I bet he’s getting hard, Rush thinks to himself, checking that
already-pronounced bulge for movement.

Rush first demonstrates what he does on the Roman chair for the
boy, explaining his technique.

“Make sense? OK, your turn. See how you do. And strip that shirt
off. I gotta see your pump to make sure you’re doing it right.”

Rush’s turn to stare; the boy is beautiful. Easily the best-worked
body of the varsity boys. That sexy, nicely carved high school jock bulk
that always gets Rush off. Beefy but sleek and smooth and beautifully
proportioned. Broad shoulders and nice big guns — perfect big, blocking
tight end body, like those hockey studs Rush loved to fuck in college.
Sexy little brown-dot nips Rush can just taste. And that beautiful 6-pack.
The whole thing is like lush fruit at peak ripeness.

Cody gets the hang of leg raises on the Roman chair immediately.
Rush loves watching that sexy body pump. Especially seeing that luscious
ass on every leg pump up. He can feel his own cock stirring wildly,
expectantly. And the boy’s gorgeous face, getting even sexier as those
smooth cheeks redden with the strain and those thick ruby lips pant and

Their muscle-cruising continues as Rush shows the various pull-ups
and crunches he does to complete his abs routine.

They finish flushed, sweaty, seriously pumped. The air is thick
with the steamy release of testosterone. Rush can just feel the boy’s
young ballsac churning up cum the way his own is pumping.

“Do that every other day, and you’ll have an 8-pack by
Thanksgiving. Guaranteed.”

The boy glows with the sexiness of freshly worked muscle. Rush
can’t take his eyes off those beautiful, pumped young abs. He wants to
lick them up and down while tweaking those hard brown nips.

“Damn! Intense workout! Unreal! So hot working out with you,
Coach! Can’t believe I’m finally gonna get that super-sexy washboard!”

The boy made no movement to leave, just kept shyly trying to stop
his gaze from locking onto the beautifully cut muscle of his coach’s naked,
sweaty upper body. Rush knew what was up. He helps the boy with his
lines, knowing so well the script of this primal two-man drama.

Billy, Billy By Matt, Matt, Kerb, Gay, Muscle, Juicer, Steroid, Morph, Illustration, Cartoon, Art, Sean, Tim, Huge, Penis, Cock, Cum, Fucking, Teen“Any other tips you need, dude? I got lots of time. I got nothing
going on tonight either.”

The boy brightened immediately. Speech came easily now.

“Actually — and don’t laugh, OK? I mean, I swear I’m not perving
on you or anything. But also, in the shower, I gotta say, when I check out
that unreal body of yours — well, like, I mean, seriously, don’t laugh,
but THAT ASS, dude! Fucking awesome!! Again, I keep trying, but how do
you get that hot, lean, totally cut muscle-ass? Those dimples, man, hot as
fucking hell! I got, like, a natural bubble-butt, and chicks say they dig
it and all, but I really wanna get those sweet cuts, that super-sexy
muscle-stud ass like you got. Fuck, dawg, looks like two dimpled
grapefruits or something. So damn hot!”

“Hell yeah! You got that right, bro — that’s a hallmark of a
serious body-builder, that hot, cut muscle-ass. Yeah, hard-carved glutes
are sexy as hell. You add ripped abs and a cut-muscle ass to that already
hot package you got — damn, you’ll be the stud everyone wants to fuck, no
doubt. C’mon, let’s go over to the blocks.”

Once there, Rush casually steps out of his gym shorts, leaving him
in just a jock.

“Again, it’s crucial you visualize the pump,” he explains to the
goggle-eyed boy.

Billy, Billy By Matt, Matt, Kerb, Gay, Muscle, Juicer, Steroid, Morph, Illustration, Cartoon, Art, Sean, Tim, Huge, Penis, Cock, Cum, Fucking, TeenHe poses and flexes a bit, as if it’s a natural part of training,
flexing his buttocks, thrusting his hips, pumping his arms, undulating all
that beautifully rippling, bare-assed muscle mass.

Cody is audibly amazed, letting out a sharp, breathless gasp of
involuntary arousal at the sight of his coach’s naked beauty fully
revealed, just a skimpy, pouch-bursting jock covering all that gorgeously
worked muscle.

Rush’s thick, meaty cock, engorged beneath the thin, worn mesh of
his jock pouch, makes it seem like the only thing covering his huge bulge
of man-meat was a fine dusting of talcum powder.

Rush knows, from all his posing before a mirror in just a jock, how
hot he must look to the boy right now. Indeed, the helpless boy’s bright,
wide eyes are locked on his bulge.

Does the boy realize there’s no turning back now, Rush wonders? He

Stretching and flexing a bit before demo’ing the exercise, so the
boy can sate his gaze on heady male perfection, Rush feels his own cock
thicken with the sexiness of their flirting. He looks down and notices how
obscenely visible his huge length is — a thick, meaty shaft of male

Feels so good swelling up like this in front of the boy, he thinks,
letting him see what a dude’s cock so naturally, so sexily does when it’s
in the intimate company of another hot dude, the way it hardens and throbs
in fierce, proud arousal.

That lust-drunk stare of Cody’s on his mesh-stretched length of
meat feels like the shy, nervous tremor of a jock teen’s hand, excited to
stroke its first hard man-cock.

After hearing Cody say `damn,’ and `fuck!’ and `way hot, dude’ over
and over, Rush finishes flexing and begins to show the boy his routine.

He demonstrates the calf raises and leg lifts and squats he uses to
sculpt that perfect muscle-ass. He turns to the boy, whose cheeks now
almost glow red, whose forehead is covered by a thin film of sweat. Rush
knows how a ripe, athletic young boy’s first-time indulgence in same-sex
intimacy is one of the most climactic moments of his life.

“OK, stud, your turn. Strip off those shorts so I can see if
you’re getting the pump right.”

The last of the other boys will be showered, dressed, and long gone
by now, Rush knows. The one door from the locker room to the hall is set
to lock upon closing, so there’s absolutely no chance of an interruption.

Cody never flinches, Rush notices, despite the churning mixture of
heart-racing excitement and nerve-shattering nervousness that must be
roiling in him, naked muscle-flirting (and now dick-teasing) like this with
a hot older stud for the first time.

Rush smiles to see the boy wearing the same brand and style of jock
Rush wears at school — a simple, sexy, low-rise Bike with 1-inch straps —
which he’s given the boys ample time to check out, given the way he always
seems to find some excuse for hanging out in the locker room, in just a
jock, both before their workouts, as he walks through the lockers giving
some mindless pep-talk, savoring the sight of prime teen beef in various
stages of undress, or afterwards, before he strips off that jock to shower
with the boys. It’s an old school, muscle-stud sexy jock, and Rush knows he
looks incredible in it.

And, damn, so does Cody. Especially they way the straps cup his
smooth, luscious ass. The pouch, Rush sees, is nicely filled; the boy has
an impressive package, Rush already knows from checking him out in the
showers, a good six thick inches or so of smooth, uncut boy-meat that Rush
looks forward to seeing fully revealed again soon, when their foreplay gets
steamier in the shower, when they can soap and stroke each other’s muscle
and cock and ass, when Cody will have the first great sex of his young

Rush bets the boy has never been with a dude before. Pity — that
nice thick cock of his, and no one to show him the best way to play with
it. His own semi-hard shaft plumps at the thought of what awaits them
both, the boy’s initiation into same-sex pleasure.



His dick pulses and throbs now at the thought of them naked naked,
luxuriating in each other’s beautiful hard body and stiff jutting manhood.
He looks down: his cock’s almost fully hard now, throbbing steadily with
arousal at what’s ahead.

He looks over at the boy’s gaze and sees it’s still locked onto his
fully gorged thickness. Must seem like heaven to this excited young stud,
he thinks, realizing he’ll finally be able to sate his insistent passion
for another man.

As Cody tries to replicate Rush’s routine, being guided and tweaked
and touched and stroked every step of the way by his very hands-on coach,
the two watch each other’s exquisitely carved, scantily clad,
cock-throbbing near-nudity as they flex and pump and pose for each other.
The muscle cruising is full-tilt now: very conscious on Rush’s part; but
just as excited, just as intense on the boy’s, given the way he proudly
flexes and poses for his coach, asking Rush to feel his glutes to see if
he’s getting the pump right. Rush is delighted to oblige.

He feels up the boy’s ass shamelessly `explaining’ to him the
theory behind the pump and which muscles it was supposed to work. He uses
to hands to stroke and prod, and once he even graps the boy’s cheeks
firmly, thumbs wedged up in Cody’s crack, while he tries to describe the
desired effect.

When it’s his turn to demonstrate again, so Cody can fully
understand the new pumps, he places the boy’s hands on his own hard-carved
ass so the boy can feel the muscles flex and pump. Rush can actually see
the boy’s swollen cock twitch and spasm in his jock-pouch. The site is
exquisite and makes his own cock similarly throb.

Afterwards, still flushed and almost too trembling to get the words
out, Cody stammers his gratitude for the extra training lesson in a torrent
of jumbled enthusiasm.

Rush coolly takes the excited response in stride.

“No sweat, dude. `Swhat they hired me for. C’mon, stud, a nice,
long, hot shower’ll feel fine as fuck right now.”

He pats the boy’s exposed ass playfully, then nonchalantly cups it
as he herds him to the door leading to the locker room and showers. He
looks down at the boy’s straining jock pouch and smirks pleasantly when he
sees the moist area near the tip, dark and wet with what must now be a
strong, steady stream of precum. How badly Rush wanted to get down and
suck that delicious nectar right through the damp, bulging mesh, tonguing
the boy’s hard shaft up and down as he savored every drop of the clear,
tangy, jock-honey he was able to suck through the pouch.

But such pleasures will come later, he thinks, unless he’s
misreading Cody’s signs of desire. He’s got a feeling extra training with
Cody will become a regular thing.

Once near the showers, Rush casually strips his jock off, exposing
over nine thick inches of semi-hard, uncut man-meat, set off in
mouth-watering relief by his shaved-stubble blonde pubes. It’s almost like
he can feel the boy’s temperature rise.

He flexes and poses a bit, flaunting erotic male perfection for the
dazzled boy.

“How about you snag us a couple towels from the bench, and I’ll get
us a nice hot shower started. Mmmmm, is this ever gonna feel fine!”

He playfully slaps the boy’s smooth, hard ass again, then turns
toward the showers.

His long, full, half-hard thickness sways teasingly as he walks.
He can just feel the burn of Cody’s gaze on the sexy-looking softball-sized
mounds of his carved muscle-glutes, flexing and pumping as he walks.

In maybe the minute it takes the boy to run and get towels, strip
off his own jock, and join his muscle-god coach in the shower room,
doubtless thrilled to be alone together in the shower with his first
serious muscle-crush, Rush has begun lathering up his beautifully ripped
body. When Cody makes the turn into the communal showers, he pulls up
short at the wet-dream vision of his coach, lightly furred muscles wet and
gleaming, one strong hand soaping up a long, thick, fully hard dick, the
other fondling a sudsy, man-sized ballsac.

Cody’s own equally hard, fully erect, teen-jock cock is straining
and twitching with wildly raging lust.

Rush puts the boy at ease with some casual jock banter.

“Damn, that workout felt good. Glad you asked for those tips,
dude. Was so fine to have an extra training-session like that today. And,
seriously, anytime you want to do this again, bro, just ask. You or anyone
on the team — tell the other dudes, OK?”

A few seconds later, watching Cody just stand there and stare,
glazed over, a bit more banter.

“This shower feels fine as fuck, stud. Feel free to join me under
here. Always love showering with a buddy after I work out, helping each
other wash up. That’s such great motivation, feeling another cut dude’s
hard-packed muscle. Gets me psyched for my next workout.”

The hot water is starting to raise steam. Rush knows how sexy he
must look, wet rippling muscles glistening, and dotted with sexy lather
accents. The boy must be totally amped but utterly nervous at the idea of
showering so close together to his coach, under the same showerhead.
Muscle so close to muscle, cock so close to cock. The thought of such
intimate, erotic proximity to Rush’s hard-muscled, man-cock perfection must
be intense as hell for him. As badly as he wants this, that’s how nervous
he is to finally go for it.

He’ll handle it beautifully, though, Rush knows. Cody’s cool.
They’re going to have just the kind of fun he’s sure the boy’s shy attempt
at extra gym help today ultimately had in mind. The boy’s thick, jutting
hard-on looks absolutely luscious.

Cody is next to him now, vigorously soaping up his own smooth, cut
muscle. He even dares to follow Coach’s example and proudly lathers his
seven or so inches of sleek, jutting, fully erect boy-cock, something he’d
never do in front of his team-mates, something Rush bets he’s never done
with another male in his life, despite years’ worth of fantasies, no doubt.

Rush continues the small-talk as a mellow soundtrack to ease them
into sexy shower-play.

“Seriously, dude, any time you feel like another extra session,
just ask. Cause, damn, dude you got a smoking hot body already, buff as
hell. Just a few weeks of upping your workouts, maybe making extra
practice regular, Friday afternoons like this, or even a couple of
afternoons a week, and you will be a sexy fucking beast! Porn-star ripped,
I’m telling you!”

“Damn! I’d love extra workouts with you, Coach. That’d be
awesome! As much as possible, I’m down for it! I’m totally into muscle.
I work out at home all the time. Drives my folks crazy, but I’m serious
about looking as hot as I can.”

Then the boy looks over at Rush with unabashed lust.

“Fuck, I’d love to look even half as good as you, Coach! You are
SO DAMN HOT, dude!”

Then he gets animated again, still staring lewdly at Rush’s naked

“Seriously, dude, you are easily the sexiest looking guy I’ve ever
seen. Hands-fucking-down! Perfect body! Believe me, dude, I know! Cause
when I’m not lifting, chances are pretty damn good I’m checking out hot
muscle on the internet. Fuck, all kinds of hot muscle sites. I mean, you
say `porn-star’ hot? Dude, I’m way into porn & I’ve never seen a sexy porn
dude look as hot and cut as you. Seriously, I know what a hot, sexy stud
looks like. I stroke to hot muscle all the time. And you are like easily
the hottest dude I’ve ever seen!”

Coach casually draws closer to the beautifully-muscled youth. His
own sexily-sudsed fur and muscle must be almost overpowering to the boy.
He reaches over and begins running his hands appreciatively over the boy’s
body as if it was totally natural, just another part of training among
elite athletes.

“Thanks, Cody. And like I say, you already have a great build.
Serious muscle base! Way cut. And way, way sexy! All that work you put
in has really paid off.”

A soapy hand wanders admiringly over Cody’s muscles, stroking
beautifully defined lats, pecs, and abs.

“Really nice cuts, dude. So damn hot.”

Not just because it’s foreplay, but If they’re going to train
together regularly, he wants to get the boy used to frank muscle-worship.
He wants to teach the boy the pleasure of having your hard-cut muscle
seriously worshipped by another hot dude. He wants to show the hot boy what
to do to him.

So he sensuously strokes, using his fingers to trace sexy cuts as
he softly purrs on about the young stud’s already impressive gains.

The boy’s hard-on, spronging up in excitement, can’t stop hiccuping
in nervous delight and thrilled expectancy as his coach’s sexy fingers
glide teasingly over his fresh-pumped muscle.

Rush slowly, lazily jacks his own fully erect, soaped-up hardness
with his other hand.

“Dude, talk about stroking to hot muscle. Fuck, you’re so damn hot,
dude. We’re gonna have such a hot time getting this hot muscle body of
yours totally shredded. You’re already so damn hot. Gonna get you fucking

He pulls slightly on the young hockey jock’s muscular shoulder.

“Here, turn around, bro. I’ll wash your back.”

Cody, blanketed by lust, manages to croak out a response.

“Man, I hope you can get me looking as hot as you, Coach. You have
such a hot fucking body, dude! The other dudes and I have been talking all
week about how fucking ripped you are! Fucking awesome! We fucking love
watching you in the shower, dude! Soaping up that ripped muscle! Hot as
fuck, dawg!”

Rush begins playing soapy, sensual hands over Cody’s shoulders,
making sure his stiff, straining thickness glances across Cody’s ass and
hips as he works the boy’s smooth, rippling, upper body.

“Yeah, dude, gonna get you ripped as hell. Gonna be so damn hot
training together, stud!”

Now Rush’s hands are massaging the boy’s abs and pecs, making sure
to lightly glance back and forth over the boy’s hard, excited nipples,
circling them sexily, teasing them to pebble hardness, letting the boy
know, if he hadn’t already, that the foreplay had begun.

Cody begins a sort of hard, heavy, breathing, punctuated with soft

Rush’s long, thick, hard-jutting cock is doing more than glancing
now; it’s wedged firmly in the boy’s wet crack.

Cody moans with delight when he feels that, then immediately
pressures his excited, willing ass firmly back against the delicious
first-time feel of another dude’s hard cock wedged in his hungry ass.

Rush gently pulls the boy close to him and begins to knead the
boy’s smooth, succulent-looking ass-cheeks — slowly, sensually,
insistently — while he begins to grind his thick hardness up and down the
boy’s soapy crack.

“Such a fine fucking ass, dude. So damn smooth. So damn firm.”

He grinds his huge hardness more aggressively up and down in the
cherry boy’s soapy crack.

“So fucking sexy. Mmmmm, feel how a hot, young muscle-stud ass
like yours gets me hard as fuck.”

Rush fondles the boy’s smooth, beautiful butt cheeks with frank
lust, easing his hardness out so he can let his fingers trail up and down
the boy’s crack as he strokes and fingers and ooh’s and ahh’s.

Cody’s voice is a low, moaning, mesmerized tape loop of “Fuck yeah,
Coach! Aw, fuck YEAH!”

Soon, Rush lets his strong middle finger rest on the boy’s
tightly-clamped pucker. He begins a persistent inquiry into the
possibility of the youth’s virgin-sweet hole.

“Fuck, what a hot ass. Fucking perfect. The kind of smooth, firm,
jock muscle-ass just made for a hot, hard, thick man-cock to pump.”

He reaches around and starts rubbing the boy’s hard-carved pecs and
abs with both hands while his thick length of steel-hard shaft nestles
firmly back in place, sliding up and down the boy’s soap-slick crack. Cody
is moaning loudly now, in deep, urgently insistent, teen-jock muscle-lust.

“You get me so damn hard, Cody. You’re so damn hot. Love watching
you workout everyday. So fucking gorgeous. Such a hot fucking body. Been
wanting to tap this sweet ass from day one. Sexy tight end stud.”

Now he plays one hand up and down over the boy’s sexy six-pack
while jacking hard, teen, jock-meat with the other, all the while pumping
his raging hard manhood up and down the boy’s crack. Cody was
half-gasping, half-crying in pleasure. His young body was erupting in
beautiful wonder with the first fulsome bloom of m/m sex.

He grunted out from the depth of his soul.

“Fuck yes, Coach! This is SOOO fucking fine!”

Still jacking the boy, Rush brings his other hand up to trace the
boy’s lips.

“Plus, you’re so damn beautiful. So damn gorgeous. Such a hot
fucking boy. Sexy as hell. Mmmm, your ass feels wonderful.”

“Your cock feels amazing grooving my crack like that, dude. And
your hand feels so damn fine, jacking my cock.”

“Such a hot fucking cock, too.”

He’s sensuously fisting Cody’s stiff, jutting boy-cock, aroused for
the first time by the physical excitement of another man pleasuring it.

The boy cries out in pure, athletic ecstasy.

“Aw fuck, I am SO damn into this, Coach! This is, like, the fantasy
I’ve jerked to every damn night since the start of the semester!”

Rush just purrs and keeps working the boy to his first orgasm at
the hands of another man. His fist real muscle-lust orgasm.

“Thought you’d be. You’re such a sexy stud, Cody. You get me so
damn hard. Been wanting to fool around with you from the get-go.”

“Damn, Coach! I been so damn ready for another dude for so fucking
long! Can’t believe my first time is with such a hot muscle-stud like you!
You are so fucking hot, dude! So beautiful. I jack to gay muscle-porn all
the time, and you are as hot as the hottest dude I have ever seen. Fuck,
bro, you have been my j/o fantasy every morning and every night lying in
bed since you first started teaching this class. I think about you walking
around in your sexy jock or soaping that fine-ass body in the shower, and I
get hard as fuck. Then blow the biggest damn load! That awesome fucking
cock you have. Can’t believe it’s right there, working my hungry ass!”

Cody stops his lust-chant to soak in the pleasure of a hard cock
grooving his crack.

Billy, Billy By Matt, Matt, Kerb, Gay, Muscle, Juicer, Steroid, Morph, Illustration, Cartoon, Art, Sean, Tim, Huge, Penis, Cock, Cum, Fucking, Teen“You are so damn beautiful, Coach. So fucking hot. I jock-boy
crushed on that hot muscle-stud body of yours like instantly. I bet every
dude in class has. This is like fucking heaven, bro! It’s my fantasy
every fucking time I’m in the showers here with you, watching you soap up
that sexy body, that we’ll soap up and jack together like this.”

The increasing eroticism of the exquisite ab- and tit-play from
Rush’s knowing fingers, as well as the incredible hand-job being lavished
on his cock and balls utterly transports the boy, silencing him again into
a wordless body-rush of pleasure. He can’t remember his dick ever being
this hard.

He leans his head back on Coach’s shoulders.

Rush immediately interrupts his tit-play to turn the boy’s head so
he can kiss his latest conquest with the smoldering force of a
muscle-stud’s raging boy-lust. The hard, moist, thundering heat of his
desire courses through every muscle and throbs through his boy-drunk
fuck-stick while he proceeds to ravish the boy’s mouth hungrily and jack
him to the best-ever orgasm of his young life.

After the boy shoots seven or eight volleys of thick, white cream,
Rush turns the youth around. They kiss deeply, sensually, with the fire of
raw male passion, as Rush’s still-hard cock grinds against the boy’s
spent-but-still-stiff thick teen rod.

They continue their lust-fueled kissing, tonguing with the hard,
aggressive passion of two horned-up muscle-studs.

Rush breaks the kiss to close the boy’s now fully-hard prick in his
fist, along with his own thick, hard length, and jacks their cocks
together. Cody closes his eyes and drifts off on another cloud of
boy-lust. Rush tweaks his nipples with his other hand.

Then he stops, turns the boy so the shower-spray washes all the
soap off his young, jutting prick, then kneels in front of the boy and
proceeds to suck that gorgeous length of jock-meat, while reaching behind
to caress that smooth jock ass and tease the boy’s virgin pucker.

As he works his second finger into the boy’s cherry hole, mouth
full of hard teen cock, he hums with delight to think this is just the
first week.


Billy, Billy By Matt, Matt, Kerb, Gay, Muscle, Juicer, Steroid, Morph, Illustration, Cartoon, Art, Sean, Tim, Huge, Penis, Cock, Cum, Fucking, Teen, GIF






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    Posted at 17:56h, 06 February

    Brand new Story Time post up right now. “Strength Coach” by Rio Mack, featuring the filthy and incredible musclepen…

  • Tessa
    Posted at 15:29h, 13 February

    great story! 😀

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  • Philip
    Posted at 21:18h, 31 January

    Tyler this was amazing… is his site down? I am trying from Europe and can’t seem to connect to it. Absolutely delicious porn prose!

  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 17:14h, 23 January

    For reference, “Billy” by Matt is about where we end up, when I start letting myself photoshop my penis in pics:

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