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Freebie: Animan’s “Gentleman’s Matinee + Batman and Robin”

I’m not ready to talk about how amazing “Dripppin’ Dads 5″ is yet – so here’s a free Animan quickie you can grab for yourself!


The Badwolf/Blog review of Animan’s incredible Drippin Dads series is already one of the most viewed posts on this site, week to week. And it’s really no surprise to me. This guy’s work is so lovingly crafted, ad the Animan men are so unbelievably sexy that it would be weird if it weren’t the talk of the (at least this) town.

There’s an all-new, beach themed installment of Drippin’ Dads out now – watch the uncensored trailer here – but (I know I can be honest with you guys) I’m kind of saving watching it for a special occasion. When I can really sit down and commit to three or four loads in the ol’ Fleshlight Turbo. These movies are so thoughtfully made, and take so much work and energy to get from conception to finished that it seems almost disrespectful to just watch ’em once and toss them aside. These deserve more Penis reverence than that.

Luckily, Animan makes some little bonus videos in between full-length releases, and usually doesn’t even charge to download them from his site. This week, I grabbed the almost 6min long double feature “Gentleman’s Matinee/Batman & Robin” and it was the best thing I’ve done for my penis in at least four or five days.


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Gentlman’s Matinee features a turn of the century – I hesitate to say burlesque, because there is NO tease to what happens – gentlemen’s show, where a rowdy all-male audience can hardly contain themselves at the sexual acrobatics taking place on stage. In fact, they can’t and don’t contain themselves. It’s glorious. Everyone is all-smiles and the sex (as is always the case with Animan men) is joyful and excited, resulting in cum-spashing nuts for everyone involved.

Animan, Batman, Robin, Naked, Vintage, Animated, Cartoon, Gay, SexBatman & Robin is a quick look at what happens in Wayne Manor after the caped crusader is done for the day. Bruce and Dick immediately get naked and get to work sucking and fucking the cum out of each other with joyous abandon. Also, Alfred watches. It’s exactly what you always knew was happening at the Wayne house anyway.

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Watch both featurettes now:




This guy’s style is really something incredible and I can’t say enough good things about it. The Disney-esque linework and colors (seriously – GM could have nearly been a deleted scene from 101 Dalmatians with that character styling and detail) juxtaposed with the explicit carnal sexuality that only men really understand – it’s unlike anything else in the world I’ve ever seen.

Animan’s work is (obviously) worth the seven bucks he charges for his full-length movies, and you should consider buying a couple of them, if only to support somebody who gets it so very well.








  • James
    Posted at 10:37h, 25 July Reply

    NOthing like this artist out there. I remember seeing him on Tumblr years ago.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 11:37h, 25 July Reply

      Animan did some great marketing work via tumblr. I think that’s how a lot of folks came by his work.


  • Paul
    Posted at 00:33h, 31 August Reply

    I love these anime clips; not only do the characters engage in sex with the utmost joyful abandon – their smiling faces show how happy they are in giving and receiving pleasure – I absolutely LOVE the quantities of pubic hair that these guy have … it’s always a delight at the London Jack Off Club, or at a sauna or when a guy drops his pants for the first time to discover an abundance of bush … such a sexy accompaniment to beautiful cock …

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