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Review: Animan’s “Drippin’ Dads 4: Big Uncle John”

Everybody’s 18 and everything that happens is magical.


I feel I should disclaim, right off the bat, that this going to be less of a proper “review” and more of an appeal to readers to love and support this artist and his incredible work, because my own love for him runs deep and long and hard.

If you’re entirely unfamiliar (which seems unlikely, given the omnipresence of various Animen on tumblr and twitter and the internet at large over the last ~ten years), Animan is the nom de plume of the artist who writes, draws, and animates startlingly professional looking cartoons about penis-proud dads (and dad-adjacent archetypes like coaches, professors, and the like) who march around sharing their bodies with one another in a way that should challenge the worldview of even the most sex-positive thots populating instagram. These dads (sometimes referred to as Animen on blogs and tumblr) inhabit a world that is not defined by sexual engagement, but which exists in readied anticipation of any chance its men get to show and share their penises.

What is particularly glorious about Animan (and you will have heard me discuss this idea previously), is the nature of the engagements (nearly ALL of them in all the films); there is little to no discussion or grappling with homosexual identity, and men simply (and happily) surrender to their baser genital impulses.

Animan’s latest full-length release (full-length here is about 12-13 minutes, which is about twice as long as it takes me to bust, watching) is a fourth installment of the Drippin’ Dads Anthology, titled Big Uncle John. In it, the nephews of the titular Uncle John are left alone in his cabin during a summer visit, and discover their uncle to be a pornstar with an ability to squirt milk from his oversized nipples. In any other story, this would be a shocking and fetish-y development, sure to be the focus of the entire narrative. But its treatment here and existence in the broader Animan world is natural-seeming and embraced with a kind of can-I-see-it? excitement.

Uncle John returns home to find his nephews rummaging through his nightstand with gleeful boners, and – in definingly shame-free moment for the Animan universe – invites them to play the way men in this world play. They get naked and joyfully stimulate one another, priming and sharing in Uncle John’s special skillset, until John declares he needs to “get fucked right now!” One nephew gleefully plows his uncle’s massive furry butt, while the other masturbates his own dong, and both of them nurse tenderly on John’s oversized nips. It’s the rare kind of penetrative sex scenario that makes me want to cum immediately and I’ve been masturbating to this scene on and off the whole time I’ve been writing this.

There is a second act, too, wherein everyone goes on a naked picnic and slurps and sucks and fucks and smiles and laughs in the open air, despite passers by and cars driving on the highway. But I honestly can’t last that long before I’m squirting, so I don’t know what the actual end of the film is.


Uncle John’s (and indeed the entire Animan) universe is one that is only improved and enhanced by sexual congress, and no talk about what it means or where we go from here is ever encountered. Sex, as it happens here, is about the joyful executions of mandates of bodily desire, and not about the emotional or moral ramifications of cross-generational or near-incestuous pairings. And most certainly never about any taboos of MM pairings. Here, men have sex with other men whether they are gay, married, or just teenagers asking curious questions. There is no deeper meaning to their fucking; it is just love manifested as lust. Then everyone goes about their lives.


It is worth nothing that I am continually blown away by the complex animations and sexual positions in Animan films, and that the quality of the animation itself has only improved in the last few years. These are truly labors of love and (forgive me if you’re reading this, Animan) so poorly monetized and marketed that they could be nothing else. It boggles my mind that some studio or parent company hasn’t tried to scoop up this work and paywall it for maximum profit.

Which brings me to my last point here: you should pay him. You should pay the dude who makes these films, because he is creating art in its purest possible sense, because of love, and to express something (often his own desires and sexual predilections) deeply personal. The fact that he isn’t railing constantly about DMCA violations and the rampant piracy of his work is a testament to the authenticity of his love for the process of creating; it’s not about the end product for this dude, but about the chance to show and share.

The full length mp4 of Big Uncle John costs $7. You can buy it here, from the artist directly. I can pretty much promise that your penis won’t think you could have spent that seven dollars better than you can by buying this film right now, and downloading it to keep forever.

I don’t ask for donations or support for this blog, and I don’t run ads or track usage to sell to data aggregators. My only wish in my work here is that you find ways to love your own body and that you allow that love to manifest itself in support for artists like this by paying for your porn.




P.S. Animan, if you do read this somehow, and would like to have me remove or correct any of it, don’t hesitate to reach out. Please also let me know how I might audition to be one of the voices in a future story because that has been my secret dream since I first encountered your work. 😳

  • Alex
    Posted at 23:07h, 17 March

    Animan’s some of the best animated porn flicks i’ve ever seen – have definitly made me squirt on multiple occasions and continue to!

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