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The Best #ThongThursday Photos from the Thong Experts at Joe Snyder

I know Instagram was made for babies, dogs, and lunches. But we can do better; we have the technology.


It’s Thursday! And if you follow me on Instagram, that often means that you’re gonna probably see a pic of my meaty butt virtually unrestrained by the tiny piece of fabric that I’ve decided is the “underwear” of the day.

It’s #ThongThursday, after all!

I think that hash was started originally by skeevy guys who wanted to post photos of women wearing thongs, but it gradually got coopted by sexy women to flaunt their own thong wearing ways, and then coopted again by dudes with muscly butts who also enjoy said flaunting.

And that’s where I come in.  And also where brands like Joe Snyder come in! I’m so in love with both of their IG accounts (@joesnyderoffical worldwide, and @joesnyderusa for their American fans), and the way they work to feature all sorts of bodies in their feed. Their #ShowYourJoes hash is rarely relegated to the “hot guy” archetype that brands like Andrew Christian lean into full steam (which – still haven’t heard back yet about my Thirst Trap application, Andrew. What’s the deal?), and they seem enthusiastic to include any type of dude who wants to shimmy into their bulge huggers and show off.

It’s pretty cool.

Here’s my favorite #ThongThursday IG’s from Joe Synder and their loyal fans:



The Best Joe Snyder #ThongThursday Selects



Worth mentioning that this weekly celebration is only open to dudes who have mastered the arts outlined in this last post. Nobody who has failed Butt Washing 101 should be running a piece of elastic up against their hole all Thursday long.


Special priority of course to guys who show their faces and smile in these thong pics. Be proud of what you got, no matter what you got. Like that bicycle guy up there! He’s the real hero in all of this.


Happy Thursday!



  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 12:59h, 10 May

    #instagramdown is trending because I guess Instagram was briefly down. I bet if we really tried, we could come up w… https://t.co/8FdEcTVJc3

  • Jon
    Posted at 13:12h, 10 May

    Lots of nice butts. Your last statement saying we should be proud of what we have. Not all is going to be skinny and buff. I appreciate those words Tyler I really do. Thank you

  • Paul
    Posted at 16:31h, 10 May

    Great article as usual, Tyler …but at the risk of seeming a little sycophantic, you have an ass that is pretty damn fine and you should show it more on this blog … beauty should be shared and appreciated ?

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