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Monday Masturbators (Classics Edition): Blackey Madison

Skillful penis manipulation married to muscles, fur, and sperm; the perfect start to 2018.


Welcome to a new year, everybody! I’m so pleased you’re here reading this. Even if it’s a Monday a hundred years from now (and reading on whatever computers are 100 years from now), instead of January 1st, 2018. It’s the beginning of a new year, and rather than treading down endless rows of end-of-year lists (top this, best that, etc, etc) like most blogs, I figured we’d jump right back into dissecting the magic and nuance of penis masturbation.

Today I wanna talk about Blackey Madison. He’s come up here before (in this post about selfsucking, and in one of my pleas to stop paying mainstream studios to make the same fuck movie over and over and over, and start sending money to indie guys who have way filthier imaginations and way fewer limitations in their abilities and practices. Not to mention a deeper and more present sense of joy and excitement about what they’re doing. It’s easy to… no. See? That’s how it happens. I hop up on my soapbox and my whole point gets derailed. Even in a parenthetical aside) but my fascination with him is thorough and the joy (and spermgasms) he’s brought into my world seems enough to justify getting him in here again.

If one believes the things one reads on the internet, Brother Madison is somehow 42 years old (!), and (I think) lives somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. He could also be 22 and filming in mainland China somewhere. These posts aren’t about biographing the nitty gritty details of these performers. I don’t work at Taschen. I’m just trying to give you some perspective.

Blackey, Madison, Blackey Madison, Outdoors, Public, GIF, Penis, Masturbating, Caught, Exhibition

He’s furry and muscly and is one of those guys who just LOOKS like he probably smells awesome. And while he does seem to have something of an oversized penis, what’s truly special about it is how deeply in touch with it he seems to be. There are few entertainers who appear to have the direct and conscious connection with their body that Blackey does, and it adds an engaging depth to his pleasure that he seems to orchestrate his orgasms and ejaculations with calculated precision. He knows exactly what he’s doing to himself and just wants you to watch.

While it can be fun to watch some twunky cam guy be totally wrapped up in his bate and suddenly start ejaculating and yelling “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” equally as surprised as everyone watching, it is another thing entirely to watch a grown man skillfully manipulate his penis in the way BM does. That Madison’s focus and mental acuity seem as much at play here as his palm or his fleshjack, is enviable in the extreme; his handsfree cumshots are legend (I wrote about them when I was with Manhunt Daily) and raise feels of “omg that’s incredible,” and “fuck you I wish I could do that,” from me in equal measure.

The video I have today is one of Blackey’s few free clips from XTube. He’s got an XTube Amateur account and charges a few bucks for buying clips and usually about half that cost to ‘rent’ them for 24 hours. As a marketer, I applaud the selections he’s made in the ‘free’ column, because all they do is make me want to buy the more expensive ones. And that’s precisely how that ought to work.

A Workout With Blackey is a black and white clip set to Brandenburg Concerto No.6 in B-flat major (I told you – this dude isn’t your regular masturbator. He’s classy af under all that penis and fur and muscles), featuring about 45 seconds of working out and 4.5 minutes bouncing his cock in the shower. Which is about the same ratio I also employ on lazy days at the gym:


A Workout With Blackey



What’s unique about this is that, even though he’s got the shower door/curtain wide open, he doesn’t spend any time nervously looking to see if anyone can see him (a bonerkill action that takes the viewer out of the fantasy that this dude is just so macho he doesn’t give any fucks about someone seeing him) and is instead, fully present and engaged in what he’s got going on. That shower handset steams and warms and massages Blackey’s whole undercarriage while he strokes only his shaft, carefully avoiding the glans on almost every up-and-down. Eventually, the bobbing and contracting that are hallmark’s of Madison’s orgasms begin and his sperm squirts out with abandon.


Blackey’s particular masturbation style and his refusal to show face in most videos (but not all of them, for whatever reason. He’s like the penis-y Sia), are somewhat at odds with the ultra-masc, broish way he talks in some clips. “You wanna see me suck my own dick? Huh? You wanna see me suck my own cock??” delivered like it’s almost a threat, introduces this spectacular scene where he gets raunchy and awesome with his penis, sneakers, and feet, ultimately pissing and cumming in his own mouth. There’s almost never talk about things being dirty or filthy or nasty or freaky, and his carnal physical pleasures are embraced with the enthusiasm and casualness one might find in the most banal of jack off videos. This guy likes what he likes and he doesn’t have to band-aid it or other it by calling it anything but cool.


Blackey, Madison, Blackey Madison, Outdoors, Public, GIF, Penis, Masturbating, Caught, Exhibition, Cum


We could all do better in 2018, by taking some cues from Blackey Madison. We could stop making attempts to embellish or excuse our likes and preferences by calling them “naughty” or “nasty,” and instead just enthusiastically embrace some of the baser essences of maleness. Smells are awesome. Penis pleasure is awesome. You wanna shoot? Shoot! There’s no rules in this, except that you need to be honest with yourself.

Learning to feel and understand all the parts of your self is what the Masturbation is Amazing category is all about. Making a connection between your sexuality and the other aspects of your life – one that lingers beyond your 10 minute jack off sessions – is important and will make you a better man. Someone who is aware and accepting of their desires, instead of living the Jekyll and Hyde theatre of pretending that one only has a penis when it’s hard. Turning, once the cum has gone, back into a mild-mannered civilian who doesn’t have such a dirty mind.

2018 is about being who you are, but all the time, and not just when you’ve got an incognito tab open.

Cheers to Blackey Madison.  Go and give him some bucks, yeah?





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