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Penis Size: What’s Most Important To You?

The results are in, and it’s official: nobody knows!


If you’re a regular reader here, or you just enjoy really scrutinizing the websites you visit, you may have noticed some small changes here and there around this site. The most significant of those is probably the new url (you didn’t even notice, did you?!). We’ve made the jump from .com to .blog! Which – is neither here nor there, really. But if you access this site via bookmark, be sure to bookmark the new domain now:

That S in the http part is new, too. We’ve migrated out of the United States (take that, stupid Tumblr!) to a secure Swiss hosting platform, and a security certificate was a must for that. This won’t change your experience here at all, but you can rest assured that your connection to this site is encrypted with the same kind of security you would find on any ecommerce site across the internet. Feel free to vote in the surveys, read and reply to comments, and send messages to me with confidence.

I’ll be pushing out some new features in the weeks ahead, and one of my favorites so far is a monthly survey designed to take the temperature of the readers (you!) on stuff that I can yammer on and on about, but which might be largely my own personal opinion, without your input. You can find the question we’re looking at this (and every) month in the right hand sidebar (or all the way below the post and comments on mobile) under FEEDBACK. And that’s exactly what it is! I want to know about you and how you relate to dong!

Last month I asked What facet of the idea of a penis was most appealing to you. No context, no additional information. Just: what does your gut say is the most important thing? And the results were… Unclear! You’re a complicated lot.



Not many of you were worried about Length as a factor, and it clocked in with just 3% of the vote. But Overall Penis SizePenis Girth, and Penile Aesthetics all really came in neck and neck at nearly 1/3 each.

If we had to declare a mathematically winner, I’m pleased that it’s Aesthetics, since that’s how I happen to feel. I’ve always believed that penises are beautiful, and that that beauty was more significant by far than if they were gigantic or thick or whatever. In fact we explored the majesty of small cocks, and even looked a historical perspective for why so much classical art has such tiny junk front and center.

Let’s just hope these results were marginally more truthful than when men are asked to self report on their own wang widths.

December’s survey is a followup to the ridiculous No Nut and No Fap November movements (which are so patently ridiculous that they didn’t deserve words on this blog), asking what your personal practice is, as far as cumshot scheduling:

December Survey



Me? Every day if I can. 😉





  • Paul Rosenberg
    Posted at 17:49h, 07 December

    How, in Gob’s green earth, is No Nutt November a thing?

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 17:51h, 07 December

      NO! I literally said up there that we would not be devoting words to that crapola here. Knock it off!


  • apalmer5
    Posted at 10:20h, 14 January

    Daily bator & cummer, love my morning JO’s.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 11:52h, 14 January

      Awesome! Glad you’re here.


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