Stuff I ❤ / 20.04.2018

"Mac's got gay nudes."[Cue Title Sequence]Always Sunny is one of the greatest television comedies ever conceived, not least because of the ludicrous handling of Mac's ever-present homosexuality. But we aren't here to debate the merits of Sunny. If you disagree you can go ahead and be wrong and click on...

Sex Health Things, Stuff I ❤ / 21.03.2018

A quick meditation on finding your penis beautiful. I'm on the road again this week, so just a short post today, based on a tumblr post that's been haunting me for a week. The account Temple of Sacred Phallus got deactivated (by choice or by the tumblr morality police, we'll never...

Stuff I ❤ / 18.02.2018

One-on-one tutoring with your hunky high school teacher's house. Only Josman. ? I am genuinely floored by the amount of traffic that comes into this blog looking for Handjobs Magazine material and for Josman comics in particular. Especially when we've only really showcased a small handful of his beautiful and celebratory comics.There was...

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